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Having well crossed the 30th anniversary, DWI, Dermabit Waterproofing Industries company limited is now consolidating its status as a socially responsible company investing in maintaining sustainability and growth in an environment-friendly atmosphere.

The long years of worldwide experience behind it, DWI’s focus continues to be concentrated on evolving in a durable low emission industry, manufacturing a LEED enhancing product, a Green labeled membrane and stressing health and safety in all aspects of manufacturing.

This turnabout could only be achieved after DWI spent years in steadfast research in providing a quality product for roofing and waterproofing suitable to every market it has targeted.

The recognized name in many countries achieved through the work of loyal distributors and applicators is a testimony to the level of global approach followed by DWI to establish a trustworthy name. DWI prides itself that it doesn’t keep any record of previous projects for any of its membranes relying on the reputation it has forged and the experience of its distributors and applicators stretching across endless square meters of membranes manufactured and installed.

DWI’s strength remains in its concentration on a core product rather than diversifying in marginal items. This much focused approach led to a rich experience in its field and an understanding of the real requirements for successful and long lasting waterproofing works. This opened the door to a continuous improvement and adaptability to maintain the reputation it has nurtured and the loyalty of both distributors and end-users.

DWI is first and foremost its employees, at every level of production, administration and sales. The employment longevity records achieved by the majority among them, testifies to the organic relationship and the continuity and consistency of the service and the final product.

From its centralized production facility in Jubail Industrial city, the company strives to maintain a high degree of control and efficiency with a strictly implemented risk-based quality management policy and tight environmental control.

DWI is looking for the future with more determination to continue building up on its image as a provider of a high value product while keeping on the track of sustainability.